7 Packing Hacks For Your Next Move

Moving is one of the most stressful activities you’ll ever have to do. However, it’s inevitable; everyone moves at least once in their life. The least you can do is make the move easier for you and your belongings.

The best way to go about a move is to be systematic about it. Gather your moving supplies and then pack similar things together. By organizing your belongings based on common functions, room use, or other factors, it makes it easier to keep track of them during transport and then unpack later on. Start packing from room to room until you’re done packing everything in your space.

If you’re from The Big Apple, we have some packing tips for moving to New York you might find helpful. To make your move easier and stress-free, we’ve listed down seven fool-proof packing life hacks you should try.


Create An Inventory List

Creating a packing inventory list should help you keep track of all of your belongings. Doing this might seem like a hassle, but trust us, you’ll thank us later when you’re able to tick off every single item off your list without worrying if you’ve forgotten anything. Group your items and boxes together by type or room so you know where to put everything after you’ve moved into your new space.

Label The Top And Side Of Your Boxes

Labeling the top and side of your boxes should help you identify which boxes go where. Additionally, identifying which side is up lets you or the people handling your things know how to handle them properly. They wouldn’t have to twist your box every which way, reducing the risk of damaging your things inside.

Pad Boxes With Toilet Paper Or Old Clothing

You don’t have to invest in expensive packing material to safeguard your belongings. You can simply pad the inside of your boxes with toilet paper or old clothing to keep them safe. Doing this will not only protect your belongings, but it will also fill in the gaps of spaces in your boxes, saving you some storage space for more items.

Shrinkwrap Light But Bulky Objects

Shrinkwrapping is the process of shrinking light but bulky objects into small manageable bundles. Examples of things you can shrinkwrap are bedsheets, pillows, blankets, and small cushions. You can use vacuum-sealable bags or industrial strength stretch wrap to pack your belongings.

Cover Toiletries With Plastic Wrap

One hack everyone should know is covering your toiletries with plastic wrap before moving. Doing so will prevent your shampoo and liquid soap from spilling into your boxes or bags during the move. All you have to do is take the lid off your toiletries, cover the top with plastic wrap, and then reseal it with the lid.

Organize Your Belongings

Organize your belongings by room, use, or type. Group fragile items together and separate heavy, bulky items to reduce the risk of them crashing into each other inside the truck or van. Label your boxes and organize them when you pile them into the van to help distribute the weight of your items.

Master The Russian Doll Technique

The Russian doll technique is the act of putting smaller boxes inside bigger boxes to conserve space and group like-items together. This method of packing is best used with knick knacks and small items you can easily stow away together.

Hiring A New York Local Moving Company Is an Option

From planning and packing to unpacking and settling in, a professional moving company can
make all the difference in your moving experience. Hiring a professional mover will definitely increase your chances of having an efficient and stress-free moving experience.

A New York local moving company like Domestic Moving Company will assist you with all of your moving needs. An experienced moving company like ours will provide you with a safe, fast, and efficient moving experience. This is why you’re in good hands with us at Domestic Moving Company.

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