How To Prepare Your Kids For The Upcoming Move

So you’ve decided to move into New York City. You’ve hired New York City movers to help you relocate from your old home to your new one. But you’re dreading having “The Talk” with your kids. Take this from us—don’t prolong the agony, you need to involve your kids in the moving journey and tell them right away.

Moving to a new city won’t just be overwhelming for adults, but for kids too. Aside from the chaos that packing brings, kids are forced to say goodbye to the small community they’ve known their whole life. They have to say goodbye to their friends, teachers, and favorite places.

Once you’ve moved, your kids must adjust to a new school and make a new set of friends. The stress of moving and a change in environment might cause them to lag behind for a while. Many kids worry about adjusting to a new environment and being the “new kid”. They might even find it hard to make friends.

To help make “The Talk” easier for you, we’ve listed down some helpful tips on moving with kids to New York City below.

Tips On Relocating With Kids To New York City


Involve Your kids In The Moving Process

It’s very important to involve your kids in the process of moving. Let them know in advance that you will be moving from one home to another, but keep the explanation in line with their age range. If they’re too young to understand the deeper reasons behind your move, you can simply say that they’re going to have a new bedroom in a new city. If they’re old enough to understand, tell them directly. Kids generally adjust better to a new environment when they’ve been given enough time to process the information.

Pack Their Bedroom Last And Unpack It First

Setting up your kids’ rooms is a crucial first-day goal. This is so they have a safe haven they can retreat to amid the chaos that moving will inevitably bring. To prepare for this, pack a backpack and a box specifically for your kids’ rooms and unpack them on your first day. If they have items that they can’t sleep without, pack those along with their essentials, too. This will save you the trouble of scouring through every box just looking for your youngest child’s blanky.


Stick To Routines

Find out which routines your kids can’t function without and stick to them. Know which items to prioritize instead of aiming for perfection. For instance, if your kids need to have at least 10 hours of sleep every night, make sure to keep that routine on the very first day of your move. Sticking to routines makes the adjusting process less stressful for your kids.

Help Your Kids Become Familiar With The New Environment

Another way to prepare your kids for the big move is by helping them become familiar with the new environment. Bring them to the new house weeks before the move or show them pictures of their new room. Answer any questions they might have about the move, house, and new environment. Provide them with incentives to like the new house, like hard selling a spacious back yard or telling them you have enough space for a pool.

Help Them Get Involved In The New Community

To make moving less stressful for your kids, help them get involved in the new community. Do this through checking out schools ahead of time and bringing them there so they can get a feel of their new environment. On the day of the move, if the neighborhood kids seem nice and friendly, introduce them and let them make friends. Helping them feel less alone in this new and scary city will definitely help your kids adjust better.


Give Them Time

If your kids don’t warm up to the idea of moving, give them time. Change is uncomfortable for everyone, especially to children whose identity is largely tied to their environment. Uprooting them from the place they know for most, if not all of their life can definitely trigger some negative emotions. Don’t force them to agree with you right away and let them warm up to the idea by themselves. If by the time you move they’re still upset, it might help to have another talk with them just to gauge what you can help them with.
Moving is stressful for anyone, so don’t worry if your kids have picked up on the stress too. Just don’t forget to talk to your kids about the moving process and you should be fine. Give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and help them retain routines to make it easy for both of you.

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